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DESTORIALISATION© (DSLN): DSLN is the conscious creation of processes to remove history, evisceration of nation languages and beliefs, the destruction of stories and beliefs. This cognitive dissonance drives anxiety and fear, a reliance on violence and systems and tools of violence to communicate, and the imposition of traumatic relationships. This dehumanises in an attempt to define who is human?


This belief system dissolves the human reconnection & rediscovery of the relationship with nature, spirituality, and self.

Destorialisation© compromises the essential features of what it is to be human/person and redefines humanity. The loss of story severely damages the storytelling ecosystem, and distorts and makes unsafe, opportunities for human beings to hear and share their unique stories. The impact of this erasure, is to radically change the cultural / heritage and viewpoint of those who have been affected by this process.

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Working With Headphones

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Destorialisation© is a StoryAID theory created by Eli Anderson 2010

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