Dignity                                                   Life Balance                                              Self-Care

Everyone has value:  a right to live, learn & work. A Human Right.  This underpins our work and ensures dignity.

We will work with you to discover the unique way, in which your life requires balance.

A balanced story will ensure you to discover a new and fulfilling life. Caring for yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually will help you support others.


What is StoryAID?

Our Vision:

To share the StoryAID experience to 1 billion human beings, so that they can encourage world healing through story.


   Our Mission:

To facilitate groups and individuals so that they  

   Reconnect and Rediscover their inner stories.


We actively seek to rehumanise the person through the sharing of story. This is our purpose and a privilege. Our activities encourage self-care, reduce loneliness, encourage increased emotional resilience and spiritual education. We actively support interprofessional education.

StoryAID has 30 years of applied knowledge and expertise in developing and implementing collaborative projects and programmes with public, charitable and private agencies and institutions. i.e. healthcare, education, cultural and creative industries.

Our Approach

We believe that every person is a member of distinct global communities. These communities have unique languages, cultures, heritage and beliefs. Our approach is based upon collaborating to reveal opportunities and to create long-term sustainable change. Inspiring knowledge will emerge from which appropriate support can be identified, build powerful creative and healing relationships. We celebrate the diversity of human relationships which underpins all our activities. This incorporates the rich diversity that each culture brings to the human storytelling experience without exception.








(How StoryAIDs' programmes affect the Learner))

1. Improving language ability                                              

2. Enhance Decision-Making              

3. Improves Critical Thinking             

4. Increases Employability                  

5. Improves Writing Skills                    

6. Develops Imagination                  

7. Improves Behavioural Thinking      

8. Improves Emotional Intelligence*    

9. Motivational  

10. Enhances those affected with dyspraxia and dyslexia.

11. Improves the learning of those affected by dementia and

      memory conditions.


Note. All programmes have an inbuilt aftercare element.


Introduction to Storytelling (Young people)

Introduction to Storytelling (Adults)

The Art of Storytelling (Adults)

Introduction to Afer Storytelling

Managing Emotions

The Journey of the Elder (TJOTE)


1. The Power of the Elder (TPoE)

2. A Right to Story (ARtS)

3. The Destructive Force of Destorialisation (DFoD)

4. How the application of Global Reference Theory enables a holistic exploration of storytelling.(GRT:St)

5. An understanding of Spatial Dynamic Architecture and its possible narrative healing properties. (SdA:NH)



What is narrative coaching?


It is a non-directive and experiential process, which requires deep & active listening to the narrative of the individual. This process uses two critical approaches:


  1. The use of mindfulness to support the individual to understand and appreciate their own value, and

  2. Appreciate the power of their journey.

N.B. For further information please read the influential works developed by Dr. David Drake.


*Please use the form beside for a introductory narrative coaching session. This session will cost £25.




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