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International Nurses Day 2015

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Greetings. The "Make Do & Mend" one-act play exploring addiction, was really well recieved. In the above excerpt from the BJN it reads:

"Back to the auditorium 'Make do and mend' was a philosophical children's tale on what we calue in a consumerist society, by senior lecturer Theresa Nash. Performed by young actress Elizabeth-Rose Esin-Kelly and narrated by professional storyteller Eli Anderson, the evocative use of mime and dance had the audience dancing. Their visceral enactment of the theme of caring led to a moving conclusion." Laren Norman (visiting Professor, Kingston University)

It was a priviledge to direct, script and eventually narrate the original story by Theresa. I'm looking forward to many more opportunities to direct and create.

"Every story a life, every life a story"

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